Trish Kauai

Me: I’m Trish, the creator and editor of Scent Hive. I love searching out the finest in natural and organic beauty products and sharing what I discover with you all. I am also addicted to tennis and love my work as a nurse midwife. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and two boys.

My blog+ YouTube Channel: Scent Hive is dedicated primarily to natural and organic perfumes, while my Youtube channel focuses on skincare, haircare, body products and makeup. I say primarily because I am not rigid here at Scent Hive. I still enjoy conventional products every now and then, and do not proclaim to be a purist. I just want to share what I have learned and discovered, and what I love. My goal is to provide you information on the best of what is out there in the world of green fragrance and beauty. 

Regarding PR samples and affiliate links:  If I have received samples from a PR company, or from the company directly, I will state this in a disclosure at the end of the review and most often within the text of the post. If there is no disclosure, that means I purchased the product(s) myself.

As of January 2016, I have started posting affiliate links on Scent Hive. This means that posts and advertisements containing affiliate links can generate a commission on purchases made from clicking directly from this blog to the online retailer. I promise to only work with those companies and brands that I trust, and feel very good about supporting. If you would like to support Scent Hive and the brands I love, please click on those links! (Please note that not all links will be affiliate links). Additionally, I don’t want anyone to feel that my content will change in any way and there are no sponsored posts. This is still the same Scent Hive and your trust is of the utmost importance to me! ~Trish

If you have questions, please email me at ScentHive {at} gmail {dot} com.