Acure Roundup + Review

I’ve been using many Acure products over the years, but in these last few months I’ve expanded my Acure arsenal and decided to share them in a YouTube review.

I would love it if you watched my review, but here’s a preview of my roundup.

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My faves from Osmia Organics

As many beautiful ideas often are, Osmia Organics was born out of a challenging time for its founder, Sarah Villafranco. She explains on her website that after her mother passed away she felt the need to scale back her hours as an Emergency Department physician to explore other areas of her life (like soap making) and to spend more time with her family. Encouragement from a friend who was also starting a company, provided additional inspiration to help Sarah take the leap and establish Osmia as her career. Sarah views her new path as an evolution of her medical career as she states, “I am practicing broader medicine now – helping people choose natural and organic skin care products, encouraging them to nourish themselves physically and spiritually, and detoxifying their medicine cabinets all the while.”

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All Natural Soaps and Bath Bombs by Body HI

It was a sad day leaving Maui after such a gloriously sun soaked vacation there this past December, but on our way to the airport  I made a dash into a little gourmet market as we made one last pit stop. There, I found these beautiful handmade soaps on display, and decided to bring their aloha home with me. Rosemary and Sweet Orange Castile Soap with French Gray Salt, and Soothing Lavender with Buttermilk caught my eye and I am so glad I bought them. They are some of the best soaps I have ever used. But before I start in on how wonderful they smell and what a lovely lather they create, I would like to say that they are just so cute! Each bar comes in its own pouch and a card that provides a list of ingredients. (Everything is 100% natural!)

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Laurel Whole Plant Organics: The Travel Set Review

Laurel Travel Set

Everything about the Laurel Whole Plant Organics line exudes love for nature and total commitment to the nurturing of our skin and selves through the power of flowers and herbs. Laurel WPO’s namesake and owner fully believes in the extraordinary efficacy of whole plants in skincare and is devoted to using only organic and farm sourced ingredients. Laurel goes even further to ensure the ingredients are as unprocessed as possible in order at reap the benefits the raw plants have to offer. The Laurel WPO website goes into great detail regarding the purity of their products, and I highly encourage you to read their “about our ingredients” page to really get a sense of the integrity of this line.

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Melvita Cleansing Foam


Evanhealy skincare has become the mainstay of my daily regimen, but I do like to change things up sometimes, especially with my cleansers. A few times a week I use Laventine’s Cleansing Facial Oil either on its own or before I use the evanhealy Rose Cleansing Milk. Other days I crave a foam cleanser, but hadn’t found one with all of the qualities I require: all natural ingredients, lovely scent, soothing lather and of course, efficacy.

I have Nathan Branch to thank for passing my name onto the folks at Melvita, as their Cleansing Foam matches my criteria. Well, almost. The Cleansing Foam is not 100% natural, but pretty darn close at 99.54% with 33.80% percent of the ingredients from organic farming. Those are numbers I can live with to experience a fabulously foamy cleanser.  Additionally, Melvita’s products do not contain parabens, DMDM hydantoin, phenoxyethanol, PEGs or phthalates.

After my Melvita Cleansing Foam arrived, it found its home in my shower, ready to go on those mornings when I’m in a hurry. And let’s face it, that’s most mornings. It’s incredibly fast and easy to use as the pump dispenses the product with little effort and a few pumps is plenty to create a luxurious lather. Aloe vera is the second ingredient which lends its soothing properties while blackcurrant fights off free radicals. I don’t see orange blossom on the ingredient list, but this cleanser has a very delicate citrusy floral scent that is noticeable but neither overwhelms nor lingers. I love it.

For more reviews on Melvita, check out Product Junkies Rehab for a review of Melvita’s Young Skin line, and their Frequent Wash Shampoo.

Melvita Cleansing Foam ia available at and skinbotanica. $19 for 1.7oz pump.

Posted by ~Trish

Disclosure: A sample was sent to me for consideration by Melvita. The opinions in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.