Special Announcement! Natural Online Perfume Boutique Launch.

For the past few months, you might have noticed another lull here at Scent Hive, and that’s because my perfume energy has been going towards a new olfactory project, Potion. Only 100% natural perfumes are offered at Potion, and we could not be more excited about the lines we are carrying including some Scent Hive favorites like Velvet & Sweet Pea, Hiram Green, and Providence Perfume Co, along with some newer names like Perfumera Curandera and Thorn & Bloom.

Dulma, the founder, and I were brought together in a really organic way, but have worked very hard and thoughtfully to curate a collection we feel incredibly passionate about and I hope you take a moment to check out the site, read about the perfumes and ask us any questions you might have about them or the perfumers.

So what’s the future of Scent Hive? For now, as I mentioned above, all of my perfume focus is going to be devoted to Potion. I will be writing perfume features for the Potion blog, in addition to other exciting content we have planned for the website. So I hope you all subscribe to our newsletter, which you can do at the bottom of our home page here. You also might know that I have a YouTube channel where I review all things green beauty related, so if you have any interest in that area, please subscribe to me over there! (I also squeeze in some perfume musings from time to time). 🙂

I want to give huge thanks to all of you who have already given Potion so much love and support already. Your social media shares, shout outs, orders and general good vibes mean the world to me. Thank you!! XOXO ~Trish

Natural Perfumes for Fall (Video)

I’ve decided to create a dedicated page for my YouTube videos in order to keep my blog clean and focused on written posts. The one exception will be when I post a natural perfume video review; this is Scent Hive after all.

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Balance EDP by Sigil Scent

What first struck me about Sigil Scent was its unique name. Sigil. As gleaned from the website, its name is derived from the Latin word sigillum or seal, “a unique sign infused with personal meaning”. For Patrick Kelly, the creator of Sigil Scent, it signifies the ritual of applying fragrance in order to help set and guide your intention for the day.

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Acorelle Perfumes. Organic and French, mais oui!

Acorelle is a French company that creates Ecocert certified perfumes whose ingredients are 100% natural and at least 90% of the total ingredients are from organic farming. Philippe Collet, the brand’s exclusive perfumer is a nose at a Grasse perfumery and Patty Canac is an expert in smells and studies how essential oils can affect people’s moods. Together they have created a wide range of fragrances to suit many different moods and tastes. Please see my YouTube channel for the full, detailed review as Acorelle is very much worth your time and reasonably priced ($15 for 10ml roll-on and $55 for 50ml bottle). Also, read on for perfume notes and photos!

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Virgo by Strange Invisible Perfumes

Full disclosure here. My younger son is a Virgo, so I approached Strange Invisible Perfume’s latest fragrance which was inspired by said astrological sign, with a bias for wanting to love it. Knowing that neroli, sandalwood, and mandarin are in the Virgo blend also tipped my inclination I’ll admit, but bias or no bias, this is a gorgeous perfume.

I find neroli to be an utterly enchanting essence that moves beautifully through the seasons. It’s floral, kind of spicy and woody, and in the colder months it takes on a cozy aspect. In Virgo, neroli is all of the above and then some. Its woodsiness is enhanced by the well known sandalwood, and at least to me, the lesser known Palo Santo. Although now, I am this close to ordering  Palo Santo essential oil after learning more about it.

Palo Santo, or sacred wood, is native to South America and is protected by strict government protection. The oil can only be harvested from fallen twigs and branches that have matured on the jungle floor for two years, allowing enough time for the resin to move into the hardwood. The Incas used this precious wood for purification and cleansing and since it is closely related to frankincense, I can imagine it has a similarly intoxicating incense aroma when burned.

Virgo, the sign and the fragrance, are about introspection, precision and comfort. Sandalwood and Palo Santo usher forth the introspection and comfort, while the neroli and mandarin embody those qualities as well but with a crisp and radiant expressiveness.

Neroli infuses this fragrance with a floral gesture and a hint of sparkle- aided by a gentle dose of jasmine sambac- throughout Virgo’s duration. But it’s in the drydown that Virgo’s soothing quality becomes increasingly apparent. Ultimately, it evolves into a cushion of benzoin and vanilla balsams that are as warm as an embrace from my Virgo son.

Virgo is available as eaux de parfum in 1.7 fl. oz. custom engraved bottles hand-painted with sterling silver for $275. It is exclusively sold at the SIP Boutique, but mail orders are welcome. Please call 310.314.1505 for inquiries.

Disclosure: A sample was sent to me for consideration by SIP. Opinions in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.

Image: A Virgin by Abbott Thayer at Hektoen International