And the winners are…

Fairies of the Meadow

Sara has won the Phoenix Botanicals drawing, and I realized I never announced the winner of the Olive and Oud giveaway, tinselcreations! Congrats to the both of you. 

Image: Fairies of the Meadow by Nils Blommer, 1850 at


Bar Soap Bounty from Olive and Oud

Olive and Oud

Olive and Oud‘s dense bars are exquisitely fragrant suds factories that get you clean, leave your skin soft, and fill the air with beautiful aromas. Right now I’ve got Flora in use, and it is one gorgeous smelling soap. It’s woody with cabrueva and peru balsam, and floral with ylang ylang, palma rosa, and mimosa. It’s also lightly piquant from grapefruit and a hint of allspice. Patchouli makes it earthy and binds all of these wonderful scents together which centers the fragrant quality of the soap itself and also has a centering effect on the bather as well.

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