Special Announcement! Natural Online Perfume Boutique Launch.

For the past few months, you might have noticed another lull here at Scent Hive, and that’s because my perfume energy has been going towards a new olfactory project, Potion. Only 100% natural perfumes are offered at Potion, and we could not be more excited about the lines we are carrying including some Scent Hive favorites like Velvet & Sweet Pea, Hiram Green, and Providence Perfume Co, along with some newer names like Perfumera Curandera and Thorn & Bloom.

Dulma, the founder, and I were brought together in a really organic way, but have worked very hard and thoughtfully to curate a collection we feel incredibly passionate about and I hope you take a moment to check out the site, read about the perfumes and ask us any questions you might have about them or the perfumers.

So what’s the future of Scent Hive? For now, as I mentioned above, all of my perfume focus is going to be devoted to Potion. I will be writing perfume features for the Potion blog, in addition to other exciting content we have planned for the website. So I hope you all subscribe to our newsletter, which you can do at the bottom of our home page here. You also might know that I have a YouTube channel where I review all things green beauty related, so if you have any interest in that area, please subscribe to me over there! (I also squeeze in some perfume musings from time to time). 🙂

I want to give huge thanks to all of you who have already given Potion so much love and support already. Your social media shares, shout outs, orders and general good vibes mean the world to me. Thank you!! XOXO ~Trish

Love-In-A-Mist by Providence Perfume Co


I get a little bit giddy when a package from Providence Perfume Co arrives at my door since it means Charna Ethier has created something new. She’s added gorgeous lotions, hand creams, and perfumed teas to her line, so I’m always wondering with delight, “What could it be?” The surprise this time was her new perfume packaging which is just stunning. She sent along a 5ml roller ball bottle which is both cute and elegant (pictured below) and I am particularly fond of the silver detailing.

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Ritual by Age of Earth Collective

It is me, or is palo santo the new oud? I feel like I am seeing it everywhere, and I must say, I like it. And I especially like it in Age of Earth’s all natural perfume offering, Ritual. I discovered this local company at a pop-up hosted by Shop People here in Portland, and was able to test the full line of Age of Earth’s perfumes and incense. Roxanne, the creator of these beautifully scented products, was a pleasure to chat with, and informed me that while her perfumes are very high in natural essences, Ritual is the only one that is 100% all natural. I delved into all of her perfumes with an open mind, but ultimately it was Ritual that pulled me into its tranquil realm.

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Satori Perfume Oil by Lina Hanson

Travels to the Far East inspired Lina Hanson to create Satori. Notes of yuzu, ginger, and sandalwood were chosen to evoke the landscape and culture of China, Japan and Thailand. While I have never travelled to these countries, Satori feels as relaxing and restorative as a Japanese Garden. (If you ever come to Portland, you must visit our traditional and gorgeous Japanese Garden). Yuzu is one of my favorite uplifting, citrusy scents so I was anxious to try this immediately after opening the package Lina Hanson sent. Yuzu is a lot like grapefruit essential oil, with a similar sharpness, but also has the vaguely spicy quality of bergamot. I think it was a brilliant choice to pair yuzu with ginger, since ginger too is spicy resulting in a piquant citrus aroma.

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Gâteaux by Florescent

Since this blog focuses on natural perfumes, you can imagine that I have a pretty big perfume collection. I have amassed fragrances that I’ve swapped for, been sent, bought, and gifted. I have a lot of perfume (natural and otherwise), and have smelled hundreds and hundreds more. As a result, I am thoroughly impressed with perfumes that are interesting and a little different, while still being beautiful. Gâteaux is one such perfume.

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