Special Announcement! Natural Online Perfume Boutique Launch.

For the past few months, you might have noticed another lull here at Scent Hive, and that’s because my perfume energy has been going towards a new olfactory project, Potion. Only 100% natural perfumes are offered at Potion, and we could not be more excited about the lines we are carrying including some Scent Hive favorites like Velvet & Sweet Pea, Hiram Green, and Providence Perfume Co, along with some newer names like Perfumera Curandera and Thorn & Bloom.

Dulma, the founder, and I were brought together in a really organic way, but have worked very hard and thoughtfully to curate a collection we feel incredibly passionate about and I hope you take a moment to check out the site, read about the perfumes and ask us any questions you might have about them or the perfumers.

So what’s the future of Scent Hive? For now, as I mentioned above, all of my perfume focus is going to be devoted to Potion. I will be writing perfume features for the Potion blog, in addition to other exciting content we have planned for the website. So I hope you all subscribe to our newsletter, which you can do at the bottom of our home page here. You also might know that I have a YouTube channel where I review all things green beauty related, so if you have any interest in that area, please subscribe to me over there! (I also squeeze in some perfume musings from time to time). 🙂

I want to give huge thanks to all of you who have already given Potion so much love and support already. Your social media shares, shout outs, orders and general good vibes mean the world to me. Thank you!! XOXO ~Trish

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