3 thoughts on “Sale at DSH Perfumes and Winner of Pandora!

  1. Thank you so much Trish! I am so excited to try this creation from Dawn as I have read so much about her lovely perfumes from her loyal blogging fans! I am keen to try some others too. Thanks again!

  2. Hi again Trish,
    I received my little bottle of Pandora and I am absolutely stunned by it’s beauty. I can’t imagine the talent it takes to create such a seamlessly beautiful fragrance as this. Most of the naturals (I know this one has a small amount of synthetics) that I wear around family members are met with a puzzled look but this one was loved immediately by my Mum (a difficult one to win over) and my partner absolutely loved it. We thought the dry down had a delicious ice cream quality to it that made him say, “let me eat it!”…ha ha. I found that it definitely had a vintage feel to it and even to me had that kind of Guerlainade quality if you know what I mean. When you hear some of the ingredients in it such as vetiver and patchouli the mind boggles as to how she’s blended it so cleverly so as to have none of those somewhat harsh smelling notes overpowering anything. She’s amazing! I know that when I can afford to I will gift myself with a full bottle of Pandora. I wondered whether you have any other favorites from her range you would recommend trying? (And don’t say everything! – I’m a bit overwhelmed by the choice on the website and don’t know where to start!). Thanks again for the competition and for you great blog – I always look forward to your new posts! Laura 🙂

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