Boxwalla’s First Beauty Box!


I feel very honored to feature this first ever Beauty Box that was sent to me by Boxwalla. Boxwalla is a bimonthly subscription box service that features beauty, food, book and film boxes. If you want to change which box you get in a particular month, you can do that. February you can have beauty, and April you can have food! Their beauty boxes focus on non-toxic beauty products, and although the December box is now gone, I have been informed that there might be couple left if you want to inquire. But, the good news is, each of these products is available for individual purchase.

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Kahina’s Fez Perfume Oil Review


Kahina Giving Beauty, one of my all time favorite skincare lines, has come out with a perfume oil, Fez. Since I love this company and what they stand for, I really, really wanted to like this fragrance. Kahina’s founder Katherine L’Heureux is an incredible woman with a huge philanthropic heart, so of course I have a bias towards loving this and was thrilled she sent me Fez. But honestly, all bias aside, this perfume oil is one of the best warm and spicy fragrances I have ever experienced, *natural or not.

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Balm, Mousse, Oil and Cream: All Natural Winter Hand Rescues

Balms 1

It hasn’t even been that cold here yet, and already my hands are uncomfortably dry. Or I should say, were uncomfortably dry. Thanks to these all natural skin care products, my hands are on the mend.

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Mellifera by Roxana Illuminated Perfume (+Giveaway!)

Mellifera EDP

Honey lovers rejoice! Roxana Villa of Illuminated Perfume has created a deliciously honey inspired fragrance that feels at home on the skin whether it’s warm or cold outside. Yet, to call this simply a honey fragrance does not do Mellifera justice as this perfume has captured the entirety of a bee’s life; wood and musk from the hive, resins and spice from propolis, and of course flowers and sweet honey.

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Bite Beauty’s Best Bite Rewind

bite 1

I want to get this post up quickly, because Bite Beauty’s Best Bite Rewind holiday gift set is already sold out online at Sephora. My local brick and mortars still have lots of them, so hopefully yours does too! This set of four Mini Matte Crème Lip Crayons is a *natural beauty lover’s dream. They outperform any other pigmented lipstick I have tried, whether it be natural or otherwise. They are hydrating, intense in color and feel great on the lips. If you typically shy away from matte lipstick, don’t let this set scare you off, they have more of a satin finish and are not drying.

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