Celebrating Seven Years and a Beauty Box Giveaway

Giveaway box

I posted my first Scent Hive review seven years ago, and am so thrilled to be back sharing my favorite all natural perfumes and green beauty finds with you all.  As some of you know, I took a very extended break from blogging, and wasn’t sure if I would return. The time away from writing was much needed, as I have come back to Scent Hive with a renewed sense of delight and wonder, as well as an even stronger commitment to using all natural products for myself, my family and in my home. I still stand by what I say on my About page as I will never be a total purist and I believe firmly in balance rather than extremes. Having said that, I will always dig deep into ingredient lists, make conscious choices regarding my purchases, and inform you as to what I have learned and what I am loving.

As a thank you for either sticking out these past seven years with me (or for newly following Scent Hive) I have put together a fabulous beauty box giveaway, filled with perfume, makeup, skincare and body care. (Not to mention a delicious bar of chocolate from Woodblock Chocolate made here in Portland, OR!) Read on for entry details, the list of the goodies, and some photos.

To enter, simply follow me on Instagram, and leave a comment here with your Instagram handle and let me know what item from the box you are most excited about! You get an extra entry if you tag a friend over on Instagram (look for the picture of the box in my feed). Winner will be announced on Instagram on 2/15/16. International entries welcome.

Giveaway makeup

-Silk Naturals Greatest Hits eyeshadow “palette” (Full sized jars)
  Cutie Pie- light nude Suede (not quite matte) with pink highlights
  Miss You- light grey Suede 
  Cameo- medium pink matte
  Focus- deep taupe
  Tru Luv- pinkish brown Suede
  Selenium- deep aqua matte
-Living Nature Bliss Balm. (Full size)
-Kjaer Weis Cream Blush sample in Lovely 
Giveaway body care

-Kula Herbs Lemongrass Sage and Oatmeal soap (full size)

-Kahina Giving Beauty Beldi soap sample

-Persephenie Jade Camellia Organic Body Balm sample

-Rachel’s Plan Bee body oil sample 

Giveaway perfume

-Florescent sample set (includes Sundays, Gateaux, and Pretty Bird)

-Aftelier Vanilla Smoke perfume sample

GIveaway face care

-Rachel’s Plan Bee facial oil mini

-Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask sample (+ a few surprise Tata samples)

Thanks for reading and good luck!


New from Aftelier. Perfume, Facial Elixir, and Tea.

Aftelier grid

Where to begin with this trio of redolent treats? Each one is a unique creation of Mandy Aftel’s, who is probably well known to you if you frequent perfume blogs or have an interest in *natural perfumes. You might also be familiar with her book, Essence and Alchemy, which has influenced me a great deal in my blogging and personal love of perfume. Her evocative way with words and firm grasp of history makes it an incredibly inspiring and educational read. I believe she was able to write so poetically about the history of fragrance because she has an innate talent in creating fragrance herself. This expertise is exemplified quite remarkably in the gems pictured above.

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Laurel Whole Plant Organics: The Travel Set Review

Laurel Travel Set

Everything about the Laurel Whole Plant Organics line exudes love for nature and total commitment to the nurturing of our skin and selves through the power of flowers and herbs. Laurel WPO’s namesake and owner fully believes in the extraordinary efficacy of whole plants in skincare and is devoted to using only organic and farm sourced ingredients. Laurel goes even further to ensure the ingredients are as unprocessed as possible in order at reap the benefits the raw plants have to offer. The Laurel WPO website goes into great detail regarding the purity of their products, and I highly encourage you to read their “about our ingredients” page to really get a sense of the integrity of this line.

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Satori Perfume Oil by Lina Hanson


Travels to the Far East inspired Lina Hanson to create Satori. Notes of yuzu, ginger, and sandalwood were chosen to evoke the landscape and culture of China, Japan and Thailand. While I have never travelled to these countries, Satori feels as relaxing and restorative as a Japanese Garden. (If you ever come to Portland, you must visit our traditional and gorgeous Japanese Garden). Yuzu is one of my favorite uplifting, citrusy scents so I was anxious to try this immediately after opening the package Lina Hanson sent. Yuzu is a lot like grapefruit essential oil, with a similar sharpness, but also has the vaguely spicy quality of bergamot. I think it was a brilliant choice to pair yuzu with ginger, since ginger too is spicy resulting in a piquant citrus aroma.

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Gâteaux by Florescent

Gateaux 2

Since this blog focuses on natural perfumes, you can imagine that I have a pretty big perfume collection. I have amassed fragrances that I’ve swapped for, been sent, bought, and gifted. I have a lot of perfume (natural and otherwise), and have smelled hundreds and hundreds more. As a result, I am thoroughly impressed with perfumes that are interesting and a little different, while still being beautiful. Gâteaux is one such perfume.

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